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Construction Site Security Tips

Construction Sites are typically full of expensive Machinery and Tools worth thousands of pounds and are essential to ensuring work progresses and meets Deadlines.

Unfortunately, this also makes Construction Sites a Target for Theft and Vandalism.

A recent study showed that Tools valued at £17.5 million were stolen in London in 2020.

The trend is increasing and includes Light and Heavy Equipment, with peak reports of Incidents in October 2021.

The Insurance Industry are concerned and sees the risks and threats to Construction Companies increasing in the coming years.

This is fueled by the Increased Demand and Manufacturer Supply Issues following the Pandemic.

In addition to this, there is now a real appetite from Buyers for Second Hand Equipment.

Buying Online at Marketplace Sites and Auctions means the second-hand equipment will move quickly at low prices, with Buyers believing they are Buying from Geniune Sellers.

Construction Sites Security Systems

So what can Site Managers do to enhance Construction Site Security to reduce the risk of Crime and ensure Materials and Co-Workers are Safe. 

Your Risk Assessment should include measures to Protect Property and prevent Intruders from entering your Construction Site.

When completing your Risk Analysis, remember to take into account unauthorised entry.

Unauthorised Access by Fraudsters appearing to be Representatives of Security Services, Construction Industry Workers or even Emergency Services has been known to gain access to a Construction Site.

Ways to Enhance your Construction Site Security;

  • Temporary Fencing

Perimeter Fencing is a vital Component in your Construction Site Security Plans.

Installed Temporary Fencing is a Cost Effective and comes with many benefits in addition to Security Measures, including;

  • Access Control
  • Reduces Theft
  • Visible Deterrent
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Demarkation of Site
  • Protects the Public
  • Protects Co-Workers
  • Reduces Vandalism

Temporary Fencing is now available in an array of security solutions to meet the needs of your Construction Site, Including Anti-Climb Fence Panels and Digital Access Control.

Anti Theft Measures include Anti Tamper Fence Clamps and Lockable Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates.

Whilst Temporary Fencing is a must for your Construction Site Security and has a proven track record, further measures may be needed depending on your Construction Site;

  • Security Guards
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Mobile Patrols
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Alarms
  • Padlock Equipment in Secure Buildings
  • Remove and Secure all Keys from Vehicles
  • Regular Checks on Site

As Criminals continue to target Construction, both Large Scale and Small Scale putting time aside for your Security Site Survey will hopefully save you both Time and Money and allow your Project to meet its deadlines.

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